About Us

Rock X-Martial Training RockXMT is a family orientated business established by Dean Harker. Affiliated with Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei (www.ishinryu.com), under Pell dojo's, they are part of an extended family of professionals with nearly 25 years of history. With over 25 years of martial arts study and experience, inclusive of representation and titles in the men's self-defence category of the WPKA World Martial Arts Championships (2005-2007 under GBMAA), a diverse and professional level of instruction is assured. The core ethos of RockXMT is a safe, friendly and enjoyable training environment suitable for all ages and abilities (from 4 years old), with emphasis on delivering challenging, but fun classes to all students.

Sensei Dean Harker is an Instructor that combines excellent instruction with appropriate instructor/student ratios. His martial arts training experience culminates in the teaching of Ju-Jitsu (3rd Dan), Aikido (3rd Dan), Kyusho-jutsu (Lvl1 Instructor), Tai-jutsu (1st Dan), Atemi Koryu Jutsu (2nd Dan), kickboxing (Lvl1 Instructor) and the incorporation of Karate, Judo and grappling. All of these martial arts forms are incorporated into a unique cross-training martial arts system which has an emphasis on 'Transitional Methodology Training' that is unique to RockXMT's Rokku Ryu Ju Jitsu and Aikido. Dean is also a veteran serviceman, serving 21 years as an RAF Regiment Gunner and Instructor and 3 years as an RAF Medic. Having served with the Royal Air Force for 24 years he delivers the highest standards of teaching, preparation, mentorship and delivery.