Rock X-Martial Training is dedicated to not only teaching martial arts, but also making it fun and enjoyable. The training will empower all students to discover new confidence, self-discipline and fitness, whilst developing stronger virtues to accompany their training. Empower yourself whilst learning Ju-Jitsu in a respectful and honorable environment.

Within your Ju-Jitsu, you will build a repertoire of martial techniques and skills. You will discover hard and strong forms, soft and flowing forms; direct and indirect defence / offence. Subterfuge and deception entwine with manipulation and persuasion of an aggressor.

Inclusive of our training system is a progressive and challenging martial fitness training regime that is synonymous with your technical training. This is developed from years of experience of military arduous physical training / operational environments and a hard training regimen that Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei is renowned for.

We are also proud to be able to offer a pressure point fighting system that supports and promotes your martial defence. This is the 'Meridian Fighting System', developed by Anthony Pillage founder of The Way of the Spiritual Warrior in Coventry.